Sara Prince

Sara Prince was born and raised in Ohio. She married a military career officer, Charles Prince, and has three grown children. Upon retirement from 24 years’ presiding over Prince Institute, a court reporting college in Montgomery, Alabama, her present home, she resumed her interest in writing.
Sara, writing as Sara Goddard, published her novel, When It’s Over, A WWII Era Love Story, in 2011. 
The novel is available on Amazon.
About When It’s Over
Theirs was an unlikely love. She was a girl from small-town Dodson, Iowa; he was a handsome lieutenant from New York. WWII had just ended, but civilian personnel were still needed to help process military servicemen back to the civilian status and send them on their way home! Cass left her job with General Motors in Detroit and joined this venture.
Cass always knew that one day she would leave her home town and never return–there were just too many bad memories. But she never dreamed she would travel by ship to Hawai’i and fall in love.
For three incredible years, Cass and Renn lived what appeared to be an idyllic life on their tropical island. But past entanglements–unkown to both while they were falling in love–revealed themselves and threatened their happiness and future.