Breakup! and Perfect?

Breakup! (2013)

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She was extraordinarily beautiful but painfully shy and consequently considered dumb by those who didn’t know her. He was brilliant and probably beautiful only in her eyes, but also known for personal dynamism. Somehow they met and fell in love and it turned out that people’s perceptions of the two were wrong for Becki was no fool and Arnie’s beauty was his character. It also appears, in spite of misconceptions, they have a solid marriage. But…somehow they have also made an enemy. His jealousy nearly destroys the two when Becki runs away and attempts suicide. In the aftermath, both Arnie and Becki must reevaluate their relationship and one will have to make a sacrifice while the other must confront and overcome childhood trauma if they are to repair the damage.


“Breakup!” is a grownup novel for grownup readers.” Judith Paterson, author, Sweet Mystery: A Book of Remembering

“Exciting, thought provoking, and keeps you turning the pages.”

“Intrigue, romance and psychological drama all rolled into one great summer read. Difficult to put down; hoping for a sequel.”

“Breakup! … is a love story for guys.”

“Breakup! like Alderton’s earlier novel, Perfect?, is again about a person living with someone but missing essential clues.”


Perfect? (2012)

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When D.C. economist Mary “Pat” Strom meets Paul Martin, she thinks she has met the man of her dreams—attractive, sensitive, amusing, plus a successful lawyer. Their whirlwind courtship becomes a blissful marriage… until the day Pat wakes up to a complete stranger, a man who acts as though he has never seen her before. As Pat tries to discover what has happened, she realizes that she knows little about her charismatic new husband. Why does he speak French and German like a native when he claims he grew up in the south? Why does he have so much money but no family ties or history? Ultimately, Pat finds herself facing the most difficult question of all. If she finds out who Paul really is, will she still want him as her husband?


“… filled with mystery, romance and an ending that compels the reader to ask, Perfect ?” Dot Moore, author, No Remorse, The Rise and Fall of John Wallace

“A suspenseful tale about family secrets and the repercussions of uncovering harsh truths,”

“…a thriller wrapped in a love story…if you read it at home alone, be sure all the doors are locked.”

“MacBeth is accused of “murdering sleep”; so has Ms Alderton! I stayed up hours past my bedtime to reach the book’s unexpected and well-plotted ending.”

“From the first few pages of this book, I was intrigued. My friend recommended it, and even though I don’t read a lot of romance, I thought I’d give this a try. Was pleasantly surprised. I’d say this book is far more psychological suspense than straight up romance. And while we see the two characters meet and fall in love through flashbacks, what I thought was more interesting was seeing them truly learn the meaning of love as they face a very frightening past. I’m very glad my friend recommended it and would do the same.”

“If you don’t like romance, then this isn’t the book for you — because it is brimming with Pat and Paul’s chemistry. But if romance is your choice, then you are in for a special treat because Alderton has wrapped a romance in a mystery in a thriller and left you, the reader, with the perfect book to curl up to over a long weekend.”

“The characters were interesting and well-developed. Your imagination runs wild while you try to figure out just what isn’t perfect about this gal’s husband! The ending is exciting and completely unexpected.”

Barnes and Noble:
“The characters are well-developed and the story unfolds at a tantalizing pace. ‘Perfect?’ also has a strong sense of setting and an interesting cast of minor characters. Alderton’s writing style is smooth and detailed… ‘Perfect?’ is an enjoyable and unique novel. It is a rare occurrence to be able to recommend a novel to those who enjoy mystery, romance, -and- psychological thrillers.” Justine Fernandez, author, Carrington Elsewhere and Beyond Elsewhere

Montgomery (Alabama) Independent:
“This one is a real page-turner. I sat up two nights finishing it.” Ruth Ott, columnist