And the Rivers Rose


In 1818 the sacred mound at the ancient Indian village of Cahawba is ominously ignored when the site is chosen as Alabama’s first capital. Rapid construction of mercantile shops, the new capitol and stately homes create an air of excitement as the town emerges into a bustling center of commerce, state government and social prominence.

Newlyweds, Arabella and Elias Smith, leave Virginia to settle land just outside the new capital. They are welcomed into upper class society, but Elias, shamed by a youthful indiscretion, is determined to hide his past. Soon, beautiful Arabella is forced to face the lie within her marriage and must make the decision that will change her heart and life forever.

This fictional portrayal of Alabama’s early settlers relives their hard existence in forging a new town and state. The grandeur, hopes and sudden demise of old Cahawba once again comes alive for a new generation of Alabamians.